MapIt is a service that maps geographical points to administrative areas. It’s useful for anyone who has the coordinates of a particular point, and needs to find out which regions it lies within. It’s also great for looking up the shapes of all those boundaries. MapIt is a system that sends data about administrations and other location-related data in response to requests from a website or service. This is useful to build services that require these data, for example, to identify which ward an address is in, what the nearest municipality is to a point on a map, or what the boundaries of an administrative area are. In technical terms MapIt is Application Programming Interface (API). It allows an external service to query data held in a database and get useful results. This removes the need to build such a database or service oneself as MapIt can simply be used directly in an application or site. The source code is available at

Where to access:
Built by: Code for South Africa
Platforms: Web
Government Data used: Demarcation Board boundary data
Keywords: geographical area